Football and betting: passion or science?

Football and betting: passion or science?

Football is not only a sport but also a field for gambling predictions. Learn how football betting works, what criteria affect the result and how to make a successful prediction.

Discover the secrets of successful football betting: a combination of excitement and analytics.

Football is not only about emotions, live soccer, excitement, and unity, but it is also about an opportunity to test their analytics and luck by placing bets on matches.

How do bets work?

Think of a bookmaker as a place where you can predict a match’s outcome. You choose, for example, the winner, and the bookmaker offers you odds on this result.

What is a coefficient?

This is the probability of the event multiplied by the bookmaker’s margin. The higher the odds, the less likely your bet will win, but the more you can win.

What are the rates?

The variety of bets is impressive! You can bet not only on the winner of the match but also on the exact score, fouls, cards, time-outs, and minutes of goals scored – and that’s not all!

Criteria for a successful prediction:

  • Form of teams: Latest results, statistics of scored and missed goals, injuries and disqualifications of players.
  • History of confrontations: Analyze these teams’ previous meetings, tactics and psychology.
  • Motivation: Tournament significance of the match, ambitions of teams and coaches.
  • Venue: Consider the home-field factor where the team has a psychological advantage.
  • Weather conditions: Strong wind, rain or heat can affect the style of play and the result.
  • Refereeing team: The level of experience and reputation of the referees may matter.

Match selection:

  • Focus on leagues and teams you know well.
  • Choose matches where there is a clear favourite and an outsider.
  • Avoid matches with high draw odds.

Tips for successful betting:

  • Don’t bet all your money: Bet only the amount you can afford to lose.
  • Do not give in to emotions: Soberly assess the teams’ chances and do not make bets based on sympathy.
  • Study information: Read analytical articles, statistics, and expert predictions.
  • Do not chase high odds: Remember that high odds mean an event’s low probability.
  • Keep statistics of your bets: Analyze your predictions to understand where you went wrong and improve your skills.


Betting on football is not only exciting but also an opportunity to apply analytics and knowledge. A sober approach, a thorough study of information, and the ability to analyze can significantly increase the chances of a successful prediction on now livescore.