Freshii Catering Menu Prices and Review

Freshii Catering Menu Prices and Review

Sound, crisp and heavenly are the kind of words that best depict what sort of nourishment Freshii restaurant offers to its clients.

Taking motivation from little and autonomous shops that convey crisp nourishment, previous Oscar dela Renta representative and now Freshii CEO, Matthew Corrin concocts a thought to set up an easygoing restaurant that takes into account good dieting.

The first Freshii restaurant was established in 2005 at Toronto, Canada under the name of Lettuce Eatery and from that point forward has extended to more than 100 areas around the world.

Freshii offers to change the manner in which individuals eat by giving sound nourishment decisions that are flavorful, reasonable and nutritious yet at the same time fulfilling to one’s sense of taste.

At Freshii clients have the alternatives of picking their suppers from a wide assortment of gourmet specialist structured menu or they can basically redo and make their own feast.

Freshii Catering Menu

Item Price
Appetizers (serves 15)
Hummus & Dip $25.00
Fruit Bowl $40.00
Vegetable & Dip $25.00
Boxed Lunches
Wrap Boxed Lunch $12.00/person
Bowl Boxed Lunch $12.00/person
Salad Boxed Lunch $12.00/person
Burrito Boxed Lunch $12.00/person
Wraps & Burritos
Senior Platter (serves 18) $130.00
Varsity Platter (serves 12) $90.00
Junior Platter (serves 6) $45.00
Rice Bowls (serves 5)
Teriyaki Twist Bowl $45.00
The Mediterranean Life Bowl $45.00
Pangoa Bowl $45.00
Buddha’s Satay Bowl $45.00
Salads (serves 5)
Fiesta Salad $45.00
Metaboost Salad $45.00
Market Salad $45.00
Zen Salad $45.00
Cobb Salad $45.00
Buffalo Salad $45.00
Assorted Individual Sodas $1.79/person
Bottled Water $1.99/person

Advantages of Freshii catering

Freshii catering is ideal for those individuals who’s consistently in a hurry yet pines for nutritious nourishment however has no opportunity to get ready for one. Freshii makes a point to give its clients not only a wide assortment of value solid nourishments however they can likewise expect first rate administrations from its workers.

What sets Freshii separated from other catering administrations is the way that they give great solid decisions and are happy to modify their dish base on client inclinations.

With more than 70 crisp fixings to browse clients can generally choose or make a supper base on what suites their dietary needs.

Step by step instructions to arrange from Freshii catering

In case you’re having an occasion, be it corporate, birthday festivity or just having companions over yet couldn’t discover time to get ready dinners that would wow your visitor, at that point you could generally check with Freshii to bring tasty, solid and reasonable nourishments directly through your entryway steps.

Freshii’s catering offers a wide assortment of righteous nourishment decisions for various kinds of individuals. They give choices to their clients to eat well without the problems of shopping, getting ready and cooking nourishments.

The menu comprise of burritos, plates of mixed greens, wraps, soups and other solid nourishments that will without a doubt ensured client of feeling great in the wake of eating.

One of the most famous things from Freshii’s menu is The Lunch Box. Arrange into 4 various types, client has the alternative to pick whether to go for Salad, Wrap, Bowl or a Burrito Lunch Box. Each lunch box incorporates your preferred nourishment in addition to an extra drink and tidbit to go with it.

Beside The Lunch Box, Freshii’s catering likewise offers Burritos by the Box which is useful for twelve individuals. It incorporates 3 of their famous burritos which are Baja, Smokehouse and Tex Mex in addition to extra chicken and tofu as an afterthought.

Since the idea driving Freshii is adaptable clients are given a paper receipt called Fast Ticket in which they could note what fixings and dressings they would need on their suppers. When they are finished with their decisions they can show it to the clerk.

For mass requests client must contact and advise Freshii 24 to 48 hours preceding their occasion.

Freshii Catering Reviews

To arrange you could generally visit Freshii’s authentic site and keep an eye on the area tab to discover where the closest part of Freshii on your region is found.

Freshii catering requires at least at any rate 10 individuals for each request and a base cost of about $50. Costs are exposed to change contingent upon how enormous the request is.

Costs are not yet accessible on their site, which implies client needs to call and address them straightforwardly to submit a request. Numbers to the closest Freshii on your territory can be found on site map locator.

The best thing about Freshii’s catering is that it gives its clients the choice to either pickup their request or have somebody convey it to them.

Conveyance and get hours are as pursue.

Monday – Thursday 11 am – 7:30 pm

Friday 11 am – 7 pm

Saturday – Sunday 11 am – 6 pm

In the event that you need to eat healthy, nutritious and scrumptious nourishment that invigorate and suites your day by day need then Freshii is the spot for you.

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