Bojangles Catering Menu Prices and Review

Bojangles is a lively, Southeastern restaurant that is staff-customer friendly, and they began in Charlotte, North Carolina. It offers Cajun style seared chicken just as buttermilk bread rolls.

Initially, the restaurant used to offer buttermilk biscuits together with cheddar cheese at just Virginia and Eastern North Carolina. But in 2015, Bojangles added the food in it’s menu at other 500 areas, but temporarily.

Bojanglesis one of the most well known restaurants in the Southeastern territory of the United States. It offers catering administrations to both enormous and little gatherings with an assortment of menu decisions.

Work in Southern staples, individuals get the opportunity to make the most of their Cajun style of cooking seared chicken, combined with pureed potatoes, green beans, together with coleslaw.

We have Jack Fulk and Richard Thomasto to thank for beginning the organization in 1977 in Charlotte. It extended to 500 restaurants in 2003 and kept on opening its 600th branch in 2014.

Bojangles Catering Menu

Item Price
Party Platters
100 Buffalo Wings $54.99
50 Buffalo Wings $28.99
25 Chicken Supremes & 50 Buffalo Wings $53.99
50 Chicken Supremo Platter $51.99
25 Chicken Supremes & 50 Buffalo Wings $53.99
25 Chicken Supremes & Roasted Chicken Bites $50.99
Roasted Chicken Bite Platter $49.99
25 Chicken Supremes & Roasted Chicken Bites $50.99
30 Whole Wing Platter $39.99
One Dozen Mini Boberry Biscuits $4.59
One Dozen Mini Country Ham Biscuits $8.99
Feed A Group
100 People $500.00
50 People $250.00
Box Meals
Sandwich Only $4.19
One Dozen Sandwiches $49.99
Sandwich, Chip, & Cookie $5.00
Sandwich, Fixin’, Chips, & Cookie $6.50
Sandwich, Apple, Chips, & Cookie $6.50
Garden Salad $3.59
Chicken Supreme Salad $5.15
Homestyle Tender Salad $5.15
Grilled Chicken Salad $5.15
Picnic Fixin’s $3.19
Breakfast Biscuits
Big Bo Breakfast $39.99
One Dozen Plain Biscuit $6.99
One Dozen Sausage Biscuits $12.00
One Dozen Bacon, Egg, & Cheese Biscuits $30.99
One Dozen Steak Biscuits $26.99
One Dozen Country Ham Biscuits $26.99
One Dozen Cajun Filet Biscuits $37.99
Boberry Biscuits (Individual) $0.99
Boberry Biscuits (One Dozen) $7.99
Cinnamon Pecan Twist (Individual) $0.99
Cinnamon Pecan Twist (One Dozen) $9.99
Sweet Potato Pie $1.29
Family Meals
8pc. Tailgate $19.99
12pc. Super Tailgate $28.99
20pc. Jumbo Tailgate $39.99
Family Variety Feast $29.99
Legendary Iced Tea (Half Gallon) $2.49
Legendary Iced Tea (5 Gallons) $20.99
BoJo To Go (Coffee 96oz. Box) $10.99
Pepsi Products (12oz. Cans) $1.50
Pepsi Products (20oz. Bottle) $2.00

Advantages of Bojangles Catering

Since 1977, Bojangles made catering administration progressively advantageous to clients by giving the Bojangles Mobile Kitchen at significant occasions, for example, organization picnics, raising support crusades, and network celebrations.

These days, travelling clients can delineate their Bojangles most loved store areas on the web. They simply need to enter in the beginning and end addresses and the online gateway will delineate store areas, telephone numbers and long stretches of activity for client reference.

Individuals regularly pick Bojangles catering for huge occasions in light of the fact that their catering group can convey the entirety of the menu top choices. This would incorporate sides, drinks, and other dinner alternatives.

Step by step instructions to order from Bojangles Catering

The list below highlights a portion of the more food items individuals frequently order from the restaurant’s catering menu.

  • Boneless Chicken broiled or cooked Cajun style becomes the dominant focal point with its delicate delicious meat and firm skin.
  • Buttermilk Biscuits (hot) and loaded up with a client’s selection of eggs and cheddar, zesty chicken filet, nation ham, and prepared wieners.
  • Bojangles Cajun Pintos are beans moderate cooked with Cajun flavors to convey that delicate and appetizing taste.
  • Bojangles Dirty Rice accompanies exceptionally prepared rice and hotdogs that goes flawlessly with chicken dishes.

Converse with a catering administrator while putting in a request 24 hours ahead of time. They can help choose which bunch supper or gathering platter would work best for the occasion. Conveyance is even free in certain areas with orders surpassing $100.

Its well disposed and proficient staff individuals make it feasible for on-time conveyance with the Bojangles Mobile Kitchen. They even remain nearby to prepare food demands.

Clients can now pickup their orders at any branch around their territory. They simply need to query the branch data, for example, address, telephone number, and long stretches of activity before calling and putting in a request.

In the wake of looking into the information, customers would now be able to call to put in their requests, get the aggregate sum to pay, and pickup following 10-15 minutes relying upon the branch area.

Bojangles Catering Reviews

Bojangles catering menu comprises of Party Platters, Feed A Group, Box Meals, Family Meals, Breakfast Biscuits, and Beverages.

Gathering Platters start at $29 up to $55 contingent upon the things chose. Feed A Group costs $250 for 50 individuals and $500 for 100 individuals. Box Meals go from $4 to $7 with a special case for twelve sandwiches which cost around $50.

Family Meals start at $20 to $40 while Breakfast Biscuits extend from $7 to $40. Beverages that start at a large portion of a gallon are around $3 while 5 gallons are around $30.

Bojangles restaurant offers bother free conveyance for mass orders. Clients simply need to contact a neighborhood office two or three days before the occasion, give exact subtleties, and pick menu things.

Clients likewise have another option of going to any neighborhood Bojangles drive-through and pickup Box or Family Meals for a littler gathering of individuals.

Even through the company specializes in one of a kind tasting chicken plans, Bojangles is one of the best five restaurants that give reasonable prices to its clients.

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