Bob Evans Catering Menu Prices and Review

In 1953, Robert Lewis”Bob” Evans established Bob Evans Farms located at Rio Grande, Ohio. He opened a frankfurter shop in their front yard which later turned into the first since forever Bob Evans Restaurant.

Today, there are in excess of about 500 full-grown restaurants across the United States. Benefactors run here for their wonderful &delicious food.

On a daily basis, the catering restaurant offers farm fresh dinners, which ranges from hot dogs and burgers to barbecued chicken and pot broil. They additionally offer bread and cakes among others.

Their supper is produced using crisp fixings which are assembled every day on their ranch. Henceforth, their items are kept normally delectable without the additional additives.

Regulars likewise make the most of their flavorful and delectable suppers went with the authentic cordiality from the staff, which keeps them returning for extra meals.

Bob Evans Catering Menu Prices

Item Price
Breakfast (minimum 10)
Classic Breakfast $5.00/person
Griddle Combo $5.00/person
Buttermilk Biscuit Sandwich Breakfast $5.00/person
Signature Breakfast $8.00/person
Egg Lites Breakfast $6.00/person
Additional Items (serves 10)
Yogurt Bar $30.00
Oatmeal $40.00
Special Continental $50.00
Specialty Bread $5.00/loaf
Bob Evans Cinnamon Blossoms (10) $8.00
Boxed Meals (minimum10)
Breakfast Sandwich Box $6.00/person
1/2 Wrap $7.00/person
Whole Wrap $9.00/person
Premium Salad $7.00/person
1/2 Deli Sandwich $8.00/person
Whole Deli Sandwich $10.00/person
Platters (serves 10)
Meat and Cheese $40.00
Chicken Tenders (30) $30.00
Vegetable Tray $15.00
Lunch (minimum 10)
Burger Bar $8.00/person
Slider Buffet $8.00/person
Baked Potato Bar $7.00/person
Soup, Salad, Wrap Combo $7.00/person
Entree Salad, Soup & Bread $7.00/person
Dinner (minimum 10)
Classic Entrees $9.00/person
Chocolate Chunk Cookies (10) $8.00
Peanut Butter Brownie Bites (24) $8.00
Cinnamon Blossoms (10) $8.00
Whole French Silk Pie $10.99
Whole Double Crust Apple Pie $10.99
Whole Coconut Cream Pie $9.99
Orange Juice (gallon) $10.00
Lemonade (gallon) $7.00
Signature Coffee (regular or decaf) – 96oz. $12.00
Iced Tea Sweet or Unsweet (gallon) $5.00

Advantages of Bob Evans Catering

Bob Evans catering restaurants are spread crosswise over eighteen states, mostly in the Mid-Atlantic, Midwest and Southeastern parts of the United States, so you’re certain to get a Bob Evans restaurant close to you.

Clients can appreciate their food at any point of the day. They can look over a broad menu, which ranges from fried eggs to sandwiches for breakfast dinners. From burgers to barbecued meat, for lunch suppers. From smoked ham to slow-broiled turkey for supper dinners.

Bob Evans food chain also prides itself on its homestead new fixings and superb food. Dishes are set up for the visitor as they order them.

Step by step instructions to Order from Bob Evans Catering

You may order from Bob Evans Catering in a few different ways. For eat in and get choice, you can visit their site page ( to discover the closest neighborhood restaurant.

Another way is looking over the assortment of Catering Meals from their site and ordering through telephone or on the web. You may get in touch with them at 877-BOB-EVANS for your orders. You may likewise email them by means of for catering orders or for different request.

A portion of their mark dishes are Sausage Gravy and Biscuits, the Rise and Shine breakfast, their Knife and Fork Sandwiches and Turkey and Dressing. Benefactors likewise make the most of their combination of baked goods and occasional pies among others.

On the off chance that you have to get your orders, Bob Evans Restaurants are open from Sunday through Saturday 06:00 am – 09:00 pm.

It is ideal to facilitate with their master several days prior to your occasion to be certain you can be obliged.

Botb Evans Catering Reviews

Bob Evans Catering has an immense assortment of Fresh-Food suppers to browse. These are ideal for any occasions, gatherings, graduation and different social affairs. Their gathering platters can serve up to 10 individuals.

For breakfast dinners, you may look over fried eggs, cereal, frankfurters, bacon, and sandwiches. For lunch suppers, you can appreciate a variety of dinners from an arrangement of box snacks, serving of mixed greens, burgers, and barbecued meat. For supper dinners, you can browse moderate simmered pot dish or turkey to singed steak, smoked ham to flame broiled chicken.

Decisions of Side Dishes, Beverages, Pies and Pastries are additionally accessible for negligible extra cost. Veggie lover Platters are additionally accessible on their menu.

Their food is aggressively evaluated contrasted with other catering administrations. Considering all suppers are made new and are normally flavorful, the high caliber of the dish is unquestionably worth its cost.

Each chomp of their feast consistently conveys a sample of ranch new goodness. Each visit to their restaurant guarantees a certifiable neighborliness from their staff. As their originator consistently state, “Everyone is someone at Bob Evans.”

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